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Why Access?

The Flex Plan™


You Deserve Better – You Deserve The Facts About Your Company’s Benefits Plan


We created The Better Benefits Report™ to provide you with the facts about your company’s benefits plan. The Better Benefits Report™ measures how much you are paying in premiums against how much your employees are actually receiving in dental and health care benefits. Your Better Benefits Report™ will determine exactly what your insurance company is keeping in administration fees including undisclosed hidden commissions and profit and will show you how much you can save by having our team at Access negotiate your rates for you.

To receive your Better Benefits Report™, Click Here to send us an email and our team will help in getting you your personalized report. Note: We respect your privacy. We will not be putting you on an email list or emailing you anything else other than details relating to your Better Benefits Report™ unless you request or otherwise authorize us to do so.